Allison Garde is a Master of Liberal Arts student at Houston Baptist University. She has an obsession with antique books, sweet tea, and breakfast tacos. After teaching English for four years in private schools, Allison decided to go back to school herself to think more deeply about classical education, its assumption about humanity, and its implications for the high school and higher ed classroom.

After spending four years with students, Allison is particularly interested in the intersections of faith and learning, virtue and reading, and classroom practices and culture. Her major influences in education are St. Augustine, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Walter Brueggemann, James K.A. Smith, Alan Jacobs, and David Smith.

Though teaching is her calling, Allison has dabbled in grant writing, teaching ballet, and roasting coffee with her coffee-geek husband, Will. Her favorite pastimes include classical ballet, reading good stories, and talking about her much-loved home state, Texas, while deep-frying some tex-mex food.

Allison lives in Houston, Texas with her husband Will and their oft-dying house plants.


photo credit: Annie Ryan Photography