Flowchart Friday: Which European village should you visit?

When I travel, I tend to seek out the tiny corners of the world. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in the tiny town of Bulverde, Texas, which boasts of a post office, a bakery forever changing its name, an antique shop, a small library, and a corner store that offered take out pizza. It’s a bit bigger now, but I loved the small town feel, and knowing that no one could find it unless given specific directions, or perhaps stumbling upon it during a Sunday drive through the hill country.

If you’re planning a vacation, or maybe this is inspiring you to plan a vacation… here are five European villages that I’ve traveled to and loved. Don’t forget to look at the pictures below!

*Some of these “villages” are tiny (Weem, Binsey), while others act as getaway towns for the locals (St. Wolfgang, Gengenbach, Bellagio). Either way, there’s a small town for every type of vacation!

Click here to zoom in: European Villages

European Villages.jpg

St. Wolfgang, Austria

Weem, Scotland


Binsey, England


Bellagio, Italy


Gengenbach, Germany

*p.s. If you’re looking for more pictures of Gengenbach or St. Wolfgang, there are videos on my Facebook page!

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