Blogs I Follow 3.31.17

What I’m reading this week isn’t that interesting or different from what I posted last time…so I thought, instead, I’ll give you some recommendations of things worth reading on the internet.

  1. G.C. Jeffers. Greg is a middle school teacher at a classical school, a friend of mine from ACU, and an excellent writer. He has been blogging about his faith for several years now, and his thoughtful responses to political and cultural movements are timely. Here are a couple of my favorite: 

    How Rote Worship and Ritualistic Prayer Saved my Faith

    Election 2016 Thoughts

  2. First Things. This isn’t really a blog, but a journal that also publishes articles online. If you want to keep up with the conversation surrounding Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option, this is a good site to keep up with. Peter Leithart, who writes often about faith and literature, also has his own blog attached to First Things. Here are two of the posts worth a read:

 Against Great Books 

Architectural Justice


3. Experimental Theology. Dr. Beck from ACU writes, well… a lot. And a lot of interesting    stuff, from theology to psychology to literature to pop culture to race. You’ll never get bored on this blog!

Summer and Winter Christians 

Series on Theology and Monsters 


4. Comment Magazine. Again, not quite a blog, but a magazine that also publishes online. James K.A. Smith, who wrote the popular Desiring the Kingdom, is the editor, and Comment’s goal is “renewing the North American social architecture.” Here are a couple posts (that I’ve probably shared before!):

By the Book

Habits of Mind in an Age of Distraction


5. Circe Institute. This is a great resource for educators, and book lovers, and humans. Their podcasts are also well worth a listen! Here are two posts I recommend:

What to Say When Your Students Hate a Classic Book 

Why Tolstoy and Dostoevsky Matter Now More Than Ever 



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